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Answered By: Christine Murray
Last Updated: Jul 24, 2017

Finding Call Number and Location

First you will need the call number and location, which you can find in CBBcat. Make sure to note that the location is Bates Bookstacks or some other Bates location. Click on the location to find out on which floor of the library the item is located. In the example below, the call number is HB71 .F69584 2016, and if you click on Bates Bookstacks under Location, you will see that this book is shelved on the Ground Floor. 

A typical record in the catalog.

Using the Call Number

Now that you have the call number and know on which floor the book is shelved, divide the call number to find the exact location.

HB71 .F69584 2016

  1. HB This is in alphabetical order: H, HA, HB, HC, and so on.
  2. 71 Within HB, the books are in numeric order. That is HB 71 is between HB 70 and HB 80, not next to HB 700 or HB 7000.
  3. .F69584 Within HB 71, look alphabetically for F (between E and G) and then within F, read 69584 as a decimal number. Therefore, .F69584 is between .F6 and .F7.

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